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Obtaining the proper business insurance is vital to protecting your investments and making sure your business is operating within legal guidelines for your industry, products, or services. At Hero Business Group, we help you navigate every business insurance policy type from general liability and workers comp insurance to umbrella policies, group medical, and custom policy types for events and even drones, we’ve seen it all and our insurance providers have covered all of it. Contract our team of local business insurance professionals today for answers to all of your questions and help finding the best coverage for the lowest rate possible.

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General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance keeps you covered for everyday business operations so you’re free to focus on growing your business. Contact us to speak with one of our business insurance professionals today.

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Group Medical Insurance

Business medical insurance is known as Group Medical Insurance because there is a group of individuals that are all covered by their own individual policies under one larger more affordable business group insurance package.


Workers Comp Insurance

Workers comp insurance is a mandatory part of running a business with employees and your workers comp insurance rate will vary based on many factors such as what type of work your employees do.


Individually Customized Insurance

Finding the right insurance coverage for your business and custom tools or equipment is easy at Hero Business Group because we’ve helped business in nearly every industry worldwide.

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Affordable General Liability Insurance for Small Business

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a great way to keep your business covered for everyday operations so you’re free to focus on other things like growing your business. We work with dozens of insurances providers to find you the best coverage for the best possible rate. Our team of business insurance experts has helped business owners in nearly every industry imaginable, so there’s nothing we can’t help insure. General business liability insurance is one of the first steps to making sure you’re protected, and our experienced professionals will answer all of your questions so you know you’re covered. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Workers Comp Insurance for Small Business

Workers Comp Insurance

Workers comp insurance is short for Workers Compensation Insurance, which is a state-mandated insurance coverage that provides an additional layer of mandatory insurance for employee work-related injuries. Workers comp is mandatory to ensure employees are covered if they get injured on the job. That means Works Comp Insurance rates vary based on your industry and what kind of work your employees perform for your business. Contact us for more information about workers comp insurance rates and what’s covered, please do not hesitate to contact us directly today.

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Group Medical Insurance

In addition to keeping you and your employees covered with medical insurance, Group Medical Insurance for business is also one of the best ways any small business owner can compete with large corporate benefits packages when staffing. Providing group medical insurance helps retain employees by adding stability and security within your staff positions knowing that they are covered, and that you care about their well being. As a business owner, you also have the freedom to choose what programs are provided and how much your company contributions will be. This gives the business owner the control over expenses required to grow sustainably.

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Customized Insurance

You may be surprised what you can insure, and our team has seen it all. From custom one of a kind built-to-spec equipment to brand new state-of-the-art technology that you just invented, we help business owners find the custom insurance solutions needed to stay covered. At Hero Business Group, finding the right insurance coverage for your business and custom tools or equipment is easy because we’ve helped business owners in nearly every industry across the world.

Do You Qulify for Lower Insurance Rates?

If you’ve been with the same busienss insurance provider for years, you may qulify for lower insurance rates!